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About the Mongolian, Halh language

Mongolian, Halh, also known as Central Mongolian, Halh, Halha, Kalkh, Khalkha, Khalkha Mongolian, Mongol, Mongolian is a language of Mongolia.

It has less than 2,600,000 users widespread all over Mongolia.

Dialects include; Halh (Khalkha), Dariganga, Khotogoit, Sartul, Tsongol, Darkhat (Darhad, Darkhad). A member of macrolanguage Mongolian [mon].

aught in all schools. Braille script [Brai]. Cyrillic script [Cyrl]. Mongolian script [Mong], used prior to 1941 with a resurgence since the 1990s. Phags-pa script [Phag], no longer in use. Tibetan script [Tibt], no longer in use.

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